Tuesday, October 5, 2010

China's largest single-Rush biggest names in the computer upset falling by the wayside

Recently, the domestic education sector super impressive single ended Jiangsu School Link, had been high hopes of the association, with the side, Dell, HP, etc. are all dismissed from their posts first-line brands, old crack wave of computer work upstart TCL both qualify as The benefits of purchasing two largest manufacturers.

Jiangsu Province, "School Link" computer project procurement in the number of computers reached 14 million units, is the education sector, the largest single purchase ever computer, is also China's largest ever procurement project. Total domestic and foreign well-known computer makers gathered in Nanjing to compete for 11, several vendors went to the senior leadership of the full first-line intervention.

As the project is to create a super single and Chinese records, stakes, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, personally tracking. Fair consideration for open and fair, Sept. 8, the Jiangsu provincial government procurement center temporary deployment of judges and a panel of judges composed of evaluation, and successful results published on the same day.

The School Link Project in Jiangsu project is divided into six packages, announcement shows that the wave and become the top two makers TCL, winning more than 40 percent of the total project, the other four packages from the Founder, Haier, Hongtusanbao, happiness divide. In 2002, Anhui School Link project to create a single record of 31,000 at National Taiwan University associate a quiz, fortune by purchasing the same side of education has nothing empty-handed. Jiangsu provincial government procurement center and Lenovo did not disclose the reasons for the same party lost the election. It is of Jiangsu School Link tenders relevant person in charge said, Jiangsu Province, to develop a system of this tender and rigorous evaluation parameters, including quality, service, training, and products from various vendors in April began a strict evaluation, currently published the results of six successful companies are also evaluating the top six brands.

Wave of computer first became famous in Chinese history of the computer brand, has tied par with the Great Wall, with a wave of association can only be called later than those who TCL, one old and one new to strength greatly increased just after the IBM acquisition of new Lenovo has a strong power in the education sector was very embarrassing on the same side, while Dell and HP out of a surprise.

The results for this bid, a sales staff not to be named told reporters: the computer industry, the subject of education is great, but due to intense competition, prices are generally down, even if successful will not gain much.

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